Emma Watson Bravo Magazine Photo Shoot

Emma Watson


Emma Watson Bravo Magazine Photo Shoot

42 thoughts on “Emma Watson Bravo Magazine Photo Shoot

  1. Emma i am a big fan of urs. I reside in INDIA. I know i am black but still my love 4 u is fair. If u came 2 india I will surely propose u.

  2. Wow! Why do you have to be so pretty, Emma? I love Harry Potter and your other movies, they are all very interesting!

  3. Hi..
    and i from Indonesia..
    do you know Indonesian? Indonesia has many natural riches .. I really wanted and hoped to meet you .. and I had long been a fan of you .. you are very beautiful, and beauty have made me fall in love with you ..

  4. EMMA i like you, because you’re so beautiful like an angel in heaven
    i am a big fan of you from Indonesia

  5. u r stupendous fantabulesli fantastic………hey i am from india……..u r tooooooooo cuuutttteeeeeee

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