Artsy Modelling Photo Shoot with Karl Lagerfeld

Emma Watson artsy photo shoot

Emma Watson artsy photo shoot

Actress Emma Watson recently finished an artistic photo shoot for Crash [French] Magazine, whose photography shoots were assisted by Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld.  An interview was included in the feature and a translation is after the pictures below.  See the set of pictures from Miss Watson’s shoot here. Visit the Storm Model Emma Watson page here.

The interview was translated by the Emma Watson forums. It’s condensed to a smaller detailed pieces to get the general information.

* She’d like to live in France and go back to speaking French fluently.
* Emma talks about why and what she wants to learn, mentioning painting, photography, literature and History. She says she’s never really studied politics or philosophy but that she’d like to. She wants to go to university to learn, make new friends and be anonymous. She wants to “feel normal for a while”.
* She quotes Audrey Hepburn when being asked about how she deals with tabloids: “I don’t care what they write about me, as long as it’s false”.
* She says that she loves dressing up, that it’s a creative way of expressing yourself, which is why she enjoys it the same way she enjoys Art.
* She says she genuinely thinks Karl Lagerfeld is a genius and that the photo shoot was one of the nicest she ever did.

* “I cannot not be “green”. I did my end of school project on global warming and hurricane Katrina. I studied the effects on a small scale, like the dam projects in London, but also on a bigger scale. My car is electric, I recycle, I take public transportation, I try not to buy and drink bottled water. I’m not perfect, but it’s something I feel strongly about.”
* She’s been listening to a lot of folk and blues lately.
* Her worst nightmare: sharks.
* Her favourite sound is that of a baby laughing.
* Her favourite book is “The Shadow of the Wind” by Carlos Ruis Zafon.
* She can’t pick just one piece of Art, saying it’s too difficult, but she does admit that the Francis Bacon exhibition at the Tate Gallery in London was the most beautiful she had ever seen.
* She’s taking her time getting involved in charities because she wants to take a decision based on thorough information and to make a difference. She doesn’t want to just be the face of a project.


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