@aliceinnyc’s Emma Watson encounter in NYC

@aliceinnyc and Emma Watson

@aliceinnyc and Emma Watson

We are bringing you a story of meeting the actress by a non-fan. With this story, you will have a non biased account of Emma by someone else.

Emma Watson & I last Thursday night on Bowery! 3/25/10

This is probably one of the easiest celebrity encounters I’ve ever had. I heard about this party going down at new celeb hotspot Pulino’s on Bowery & Houston and decided to do a walk-by. Walk-by’s never hurt anyone. Ilana and I got there and there were maybe like, four autograph sellers and two paparazzi, along with two scary looking doormen standing at the entrance. Pulino’s exterior are really tall windows and even though they are a bit frosted up to about the five foot mark, you can clearly see all the flashes going on inside. I immediately assume the party is already raging on and that, from the looks of the paps and the autograph dudes, this is going to be a bust. Wrong.

We were standing there for about two minutes before the paps & sellers start to stalk this town car that pulls up. I have this theory that anyone who arrives in a town car is not worthy of my time. All the big-leaguers arrive in big, scary black SUV’s. Not Emma Watson. The car moved up from the corner to send the 6 or 7 dudes surrounding the car a hint and they take it. They stood far enough from the car that she had plenty of space to get out and walk a few feet onto the sidewalk, but they completely block her way to the restaurant which is clever on their behalf but not surprising. The windows are not tinted so we can see her inside making executive decisions with an older woman I can only assume is her publicist. That’s all she came with: a publicist. I’m instantly impressed by this girl.

Emma signing autographs

Emma signing autographs

Her publicist gets out and walks around to open the door for her but the door is locked and Emma spends a good minute trying to unlock it from the inside. Her driver is useless (maybe next time she’ll upgrade to an SUV). When she finally gets out she walks up onto the sidewalk to start signing for the sellers and her publicist is allowing it but started calling some of them out. “She already signed for you. She already signed one for you. No, she already signed for you.” Her publicist is a bulldog and I love it. I had asked Emma for a picture from a few feet away but she couldn’t hear me over the dudes yelling at her to sign stuff for them to sell, so I asked her publicist. She seemed to be in charge of the situation anyway. She looks at me, shrugs, and says, “You have to ask her.” I sort of liked this. Like, I won’t let her pay these dudes rent by signing 15 different pictures for each person, but for an actual fan? That’s your call.

So once she’s done signing I ask and Emma goes, “Sure!” I hand my camera off to Ilana and Emma poses next to me (in a really hot dress by the way!) – realizes she’s a few inches taller than me… and SLOUCHES DOWN TO MY HEIGHT. Again, I’m in love. This is the coolest thing ever. Do you know how rare it is for a celeb to actually care how a photo with a fan is going to come out? Half the time getting them to smile is a feat on it’s own. As you can see our picture came out ace and that’s mostly due to Emma. When I said thank you she said “No worries!” and proceeded to take a picture with Ilana as well.

I had been somewhat forewarned that Emma Watson was a bitch. Emma Watson was the furthest thing from a bitch. She was polite, she smiled, and made sure I didn’t look like a midget troll in my picture. If she went inside and talked trash to Anna Wintour about us – I don’t care. She was polite to me and that’s all that matters in my book!

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