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Emma Watson NYC London show Rooms

Emma Watson NYC London show Rooms

Hot, new Keith McNally pizzeria Pulino’s met hot, new Anglican talent when Emma Watson and Vogue’s Sarah Mower, Meredith Melling Burke and Mark Holgate hosted a party at the eatery last Thursday to celebrate a group of emerging English designers, in town for the London show Rooms initiative. As you might expect of the fashionable crowd, which included Elettra Wiedemann, Fabiola Beracasa, Hilary Rhoda and Eddie Borgo, they were cleanly divided into two camps: those who partook of the cheese-topped feast (Melissa George and husband Claudio Dabed staked out the open kitchen) and those who steered clear of any pies (carb-phobic models hovered near the door). At the center of it all was Watson, working a Christopher Kane minidress as she chatted with guests and chowed down on some mini slices. The Brown freshman, on the tail-end of her spring break, chatted with WWD about her British allegiance.

WWD: What do you think defines British style?

Emma Watson: It’s so funny because now that I’m in America, I’m more able to define it. Before I didn’t have an awareness of another style. I think [British style] has to do with the weather. We have terrible weather. It’s very gray and drizzly so we need things to cheer us up. And I think that leads to a lot of creativity and color, and I think that’s why our designers are so innovative. Because at home we’re kind of up against the elements in a sense. And we need cheering up. I think we do very well with a kind of a eclectic mix. We have great vintage and we love to mix and match: high street and high fashion, vintage…and I think that really defines it as well.

WWD: Now that you’re in Providence, what do you miss most about England and London?

E.W.: Marks & Spencer, the supermarket.

WWD: Really? What do you miss from there?

E.W.: The food, the food! Marks & Spencer’s food. I miss English chocolate. And I miss silly things like the adverts on TV.