Burberry sales are up!

Burberry is reported to have decided to increase their investments ‘in digital to drive sales growth after reporting revenue increased 7% in the last six months.’ – mad reports.

Further more, “The fashion company says revenue increased to £707m in the six months to 31 March, up from £663m in the same period last year,” it says.

“Retail sales, which counted for over 60% of total revenue in the period, increased by 15% to £437m. Excluding new shop space, sales were up 10%.”  – mad

Emma Watson is the face of Burberry for the last consecutive 2 campaigns. Her brother Alex was also on the 2010 S/S ad campaign.  Any further contract is yet to be revealed, but we are waiting for news on Emma’s further involvement with the 154-year old company.

Emma Watson up for Performance of the Year award – NMA



Emma is up for a Performance of the Year award for her role in the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince film, on the National Movie Awards. The public chooses to vote for their favorites in the categories of Action/Thriller, Family,  Fantasy, most anticipated summer movie, breakthrough movie, and Performance of the Year. You can vote in each categories on the National Movie Awards website.

‘Love from Emma’ People Tree Summer collection goes on sale!

Emma Watson co-host London show Rooms in NYC

Emma Watson

Good news! Actress Emma Watson’s ‘Love from Emma’ People Tree Summer collection is now on sale for everyone to check out! As of this moment the clothes are available for girls. Check it out at http://www.peopletree.co.uk/category/emma-watson/summer/

‘Ask Emma Watson’ Fair Trade Questions, the answers are finally out!

Back on April 12, 2010, we reported People Tree’s announcement of the winners to the selection process of ‘Ask Emma Watson questions on Fair Trade’. We now report on the answers Emma has given to these questions. Part 1 of video question and answer portion has gone online!

Now we know Fair Trade is an exceptional idea and a great innovation in any industry, but Emma Watson’s involvement with People Tree has spread the word out not only on People Tree or fair trade fashion, but on Fair Trade as a whole! Back in 2009 news broke out that a collaboration project was hatched between People Tree and actress Emma Watson. It turned out to be a clothing line, purely organic and fair traded, with all the profits going to charitable causes supporting farmers and workers everywhere in the world. Most specially benefiting from this is the developing world. That alone is a good cause, good for the fight against poverty and good for the fight against unfair trading practices. Emma’s line has achieved great success with the sales and profits coming in at a faster rate than expected. People Tree and Emma decided to let the people to ask ‘Emma Watson’ questions on the significance of fair trade and its influence or effectiveness to work. Now Part 1 of Emma’s answers to these questions are now available for you.

Part 2 of the video question and answer portion with Emma Watson has followed suit online.