Entertainment Weekly Fall Movie Preview

The next Entertainment Weekly issue will feature actress Emma Watson.

Some quotes:

“I missed all that experimentation that most teenagers go through,”

“I’ve wanted to do this since I was about 16, so as soon as I had the chance I was like, ‘Right. This is it.’”

“It didn’t feel right then; I needed a break,” on why she waited to cut her hair after finishing Potter.

“It was weird. My hairdresser was like, ‘When are you going to freak out?’ Most people cry or go into shock,’” “But I was very calm. I knew it was the right thing.” on why she never felt a moment of panic or remorse on the sudden change of hair style.

“I went to the salon alone and I left alone,”

“I knew everyone was going to have an opinion, and I couldn’t deal with it. I have to get myself into a good place to deal with people saying things like, ‘It’s terrible! She looks like a boy!’” says the actress laughing on not wanting to tell anyone yet about the move.

“My dad already said that to me, actually. He said, ‘You’re not Audrey Hepburn yet, darling.’”

“He’s like that. I think the best I’ve ever had out of him was before a premiere when he said I  ‘scrub up alright.’”

“When people ask me how I keep myself grounded, there’s the answer.”

credit: EW.com 1, EW.com 2

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