Quotables – Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe

Emma and I... I’d like to think we stimulate each other intellectually. And there was some intellectual sparring that we’ve had – I mean – we’re quite a good foil for each other ‘cause we’re both super opinionated and fairly articulate. And we both like to make our points very very clearly so we would have some great debates on set and Rupert would just be standing between us going, ‘Oh, shut up guys, please! Can we just – who cares?’ But me and Emma would get like very very into it but it was great and you know, she’s a smart cookie so I had my work cut out for me.” DANIEL RADCLIFFE


“Dan and I, we really sparked on each other. he questioned me, he made me think. He’s so incredibly driven, ambitious, and passionate. you get something when you’re around someone like that all the time. He gives you that energy. I will miss that. A lot.”EMMA WATSON

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