Emma Watson’s Thoughts in Her World

MY LIFE MOTTO IS… make the most of every opportunity that comes my way and live every day to the full. BEAUTY IS… something that comes from within. You can really look beautiful only if you feel beautiful on the inside and it shows through your face, the way you move and the way you hold yourself. BEING A WOMAN TODAY IS… amazing. We have so many options and there’s nothing really that people say you can’t do anymore, which is incredible. LOVE IS… everywhere. You don’t have to sit around and wait for it to be with one person. I think you can love lots of different people in different ways. IN 10 YEARS’ TIME I HOPE TO BE… making brilliant and interesting films. ELEGANCE IS… the way clothing is cut. It’s the way a woman wears her clothes. MY GREATEST QUALITY IS… my work ethic. MY BIGGEST SHORTCOMING IS… being very impatient. I RELAX BY… reading.

Official ‘My Week with Marilyn’ Release Dates by Country

Country Date
USA 9 October 2011 (New York Film Festival)
USA 11 October 2011 (Mill Valley Film Festival)
USA 12 October 2011 (Chicago International Film Festival)
USA 28 October 2011 (Philadelphia International Film Festival)
USA 6 November 2011 (AFI Fest)
USA 23 November 2011 (limited)
Canada 25 November 2011 (limited)
UK 25 November 2011
United Arab Emirates 13 December 2011 (Dubai International Film Festival)
Greece 29 December 2011
Singapore 29 December 2011
Finland 30 December 2011
Portugal 5 January 2012
Norway 13 January 2012
Sweden 13 January 2012
Lebanon 19 January 2012
Netherlands 26 January 2012
Australia 16 February 2012
Belgium 7 March 2012
France 7 March 2012

My Week with Marilyn London Premiere Date and Location

Date: Sunday November 20th
Attending: Emma Watson,Dominic Cooper,Judi Dench and Many More
Location: Her Majesty’s Theatre, 8 Haymarket Westminster, London SW1Y 4
Time: (Arrivals likely to start between 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM)
More Details: 020 7930 8890