E-mail us:

Emma Watson official representatives:


Public Eye



UK – Markham, Froggatt and Irwin
+44 (0)20 7637 5233

US – William Morris Endeavor Entertainment
+1 310 285 9000

Model Agency:

Storm Model Management

Fan mail:

Emma Watson
PO Box 68162
N1P 2AL United Kingdom

21 thoughts on “Contacts

  1. Hello .. seems like agreat site i hope that i could realy connect to you .. just i dunno how to connect the Gmail so i hope u wud post yahoo mail or connect my email adress or tho 🙂 just i wanna be a friend to this site i hope u will have me as well

    God bless you ..

  2. hi my name and italo Jay Watson just wanted to say that I love Emma Watson I had to say that to someone I did a song for her poems and look at my channel in youtube

  3. Hello,
    I see we both chase the same objective. Updating fans with true reliable information.on Emma Watson. I think we could reache an agreement. We coulda ffliate and therefore you coul link me in you sidebar and Ic ould link you in mine. I have a youtube channel and I inform and comment on updates every so often.

    Hope you consider this,

  4. Christian,

    You are mentioned on the page titled Christian. You are mention as an affiliate! Cheers.

  5. Just wondering- if you have ever been thanked- by any of the Harry Potter cast members -for truly runny a clean well earned site.


  6. No, I have not been thanked by any of the Potter cast members. I actually don’t have any interest in the Potter films or books. I’ve grown out of it from the 3rd film and 2nd book. I guess it’s not my cup of tea. I’ve only ever noticed and liked Emma Watson out of all of them as I’ve seen the most potential out of her, looks wise or acting wise. So that is the sole reason why I have this blog. It’s all about her.

  7. She’s stated in her new interview with Entertainment Weekly that she’s “wanted to cut her hair since she was 16.” Years later she finally did it.

  8. Hey Emma!
    I so want to meet you are I think you are the prettiest woman actor out there! Hope that one day I will meet you in London because I go there alot. Please e-mail me. PLEASE!! I love you and please don’t cut your hair again!!! I am your number 1 fan!!!!
    LOVE YOU!!!!!!

  9. Emma, over 14,500 people want you to go to the prom with Zach Burton! Its on facebook. Can you PLEASE? For everyone in U.S.A? Thanks!

  10. Hey emma i love you sow much

    can you come to norway?

    i am a 12 year old boy whit name simon and i love you

  11. Why does everyone want Emma’s old hair better? She can do whatever she wants with it. I think she look good the way she does.

  12. fabulous site! does anyone know the best way to actually get some fan mail to emma? I’ve recently done some artwork that I’d love to send over, if she’d actually be able to receive it. gratzi mucho! xx

  13. Look to your left, on the sidebar. Contact information are there, including fan mail address.

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