Beauty and the Beast: del Toro and Watson’s discussions

In his latest interview with NY Magazine, director Guillermo del Toro talked a little about the upcoming movie production Beauty and the Beast with Emma Watson set to star.

How’s the tone of the Beauty and the Beast project coming?
Well, I met with Emma Watson about it because I’m very interested in doing the movie with her. She’s just perfect for the film, and we talked about the classic iteration of the tale. I love the sort of darker, beautiful, hopelessly romantic but Gothic take on the tale. We discussed this.

Emma Watson to Star in ‘Beauty and The Beast’ Movie

The once famous Disney cartoon movie, “Beauty and The Beast” will soon be remade in Hollywood! Still in-development, the movie will star actress Emma Watson in the lead role, with Guillermo del Toro as Director,  as discussed by Producer Denise Di Novi at her latest movie’s press junket. Warner Brothers, the studio behind the Potter movies, will be its distributor. The movie may start filming as soon as next year.  I will be updating with developments.